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1. Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 7.0-inch WVGA TFT-LCD Module
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 2014/12/17
2. Epson Acquires K-Sun Corporation in Move to Expand Presence in Industrial Labeling Solutions Market
Seiko Epson Corporation 2014/12/17
3. NYK to Team with ClassNK and Others to DevelopTechnologically Advanced Exhaust Gas Cleaning System
4. Implementation of the FY2014 Demonstration Project concerning the use of ICT in Preventative Health for Job Changers, Retirees, and Others
Sumitomo Corporation 2014/12/17
5. Development of “sEMSA,” a New Energy Management System for Business Establishment/Plant Applications
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. 2014/12/17
6. Azbil's Harmonas/Industrial-DEO/Harmonas-DEO, Integrated Monitoring and Control System Obtains ISASecure EDSA Certification, an Internationally Recognized Certification for Control Devices
Azbil Corporation 2014/12/18
7. Mitsui Chemicals Plant Operation Technology Training Center Starts Practical Safety & Operational Curriculum for Japanese Industry
Mitsui Chemicals Inc. 2014/12/17
8. Announcements of Issues in a Grace Period (Tokyo Electron Limited)
Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. 2014/12/17
9. Renesas Electronics Announces Development of SRAM Using Leading-Edge 16 nm FinFET for Automotive Information Systems
Renesas Electronics Corp. 2014/12/17
10. Sony Announces the Development of a Compact, Lightweight Single-Lens Display Module with OLED Technology That Enables Superior Image Quality
Sony Corporation 2014/12/17