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Notice Concerning the Determination of Items Relating to the Issuance of Subscription Rights (Stock Options)

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Press Release
April 16, 2010
Lion Corporation
President: Sadayoshi Fujishige
(Code 4912)

Notice Concerning the Determination of Items Relating to the Issuance of Subscription Rights (Stock Options)
Lion Corporation (“Lion” or “the Company”) today announced details of its decision to issue stock options (subscription rights) as part of a stock-linked compensation plan. The decision was made at a Board of Directors’ meeting held on March 30, 2010 (see press release dated March 30, 2010), with certain details to be determined. Outstanding issues have now been decided and are provided as follows.

1. Total number of subscription rights to be issued:
103,778 rights

2. Number of executive officers to whom subscription rights shall be allotted and the number of subscription rights to be allotted:
Directors (excluding external directors): 8; 103,778 rights

3. Total Payment due Upon Exercise of Subscription Rights:
Payment per subscription right: ¥421
(Payment per share: ¥421)
Notes: 1. The aforementioned amounts were calculated using the Black-Scholes model on the subscription rights allocation date.
Notes: 2. Subscription rights are acquired after compensation claims by individuals eligible for subscription rights are offset by subscription right payment obligations.

4. Class and number of shares to be acquired upon exercise of subscription rights:
103,778 shares of Lion common stock

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