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Yuyo Steamship Decides on the First Introduction of “ClearBallast,” the Hitachi Ballast Water Purification System

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Yuyo Steamship Decides on the First Introduction of ClearBallast, the Hitachi Ballast Water Purification System

Environmentally-friendly non-sterilization system contributes to conservation of the world ecosystem

July 28, 2010
Yuyo Steamship Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan July 28, 2010 — Yuyo Steamship Co., Ltd. (HQ: Kanagawa; President & CEO: Naoaki Tsuchiya) has decided to install ClearBallast,(*1) the Hitachi ballast water purification system that uses a coagulation and magnetic separation system. It was developed by Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Toshiaki Higashihara). ClearBallast will be installed on the LPG ship Sunny Joy (tank capacity: 78,000 m3). This will be the first ClearBallast system to be used on a ship in service.

ClearBallast will be installed on the Sunny Joy in November 2010 by the Innoshima Shipyard (location: Hiroshima prefecture; Managing Officer, Innoshima Shipyard: Toshikatsu Nishigata) of Universal Shipbuilding Corporation (HQ: Kanagawa; President & CEO: Shinjiro Mishima).

During shipboard testing of ClearBallast, which was conducted by Hitachi Plant Technologies between April 2008 and March 2009, the test equipment was installed on Yuyo Steamships LPG ship Yuyo (tank capacity: 78,500 m3), and the companies collaborated on the development and practical use of the system. Yuyo Steamship made the decision to use ClearBallast based on a comprehensive evaluation of the following factors: (1) The system is environmentally friendly because it does not use disinfectants; (2) it reduces maintenance and operation costs, as well as power costs, because it greatly reduces accumulation of mud and other deposits in the ballast tank; (3) it is readily adaptable to explosion-proof specifications; and (4) the system is expected to be effective for treating drain water from shipboard kitchens and showers (gray water), etc., an area expected to be subject to tighter regulations. In the future, Yuyo Steamship will make efforts to install ballast water treatment systems on other ships. This will help prevent ocean pollution and protect and preserve the global environment.

Furthermore, Hitachi Plant Technologies intends to actively expand sales of ClearBallast. The companys target is to receive 100 orders per year as of FY2012.

*1 ClearBallast: Registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. used by Hitachi Plant Technologies under license.

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