"Kremezin", Drug for Chronic Renal Failure Transfer of Marketing Rights in Japan

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January 11, 2011
Press Release
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

"Kremezin®", Drug for Chronic Renal Failure
Transfer of Marketing Rights in Japan

Osaka, Japan, January 11, 2011---Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (President &
CEO: Michihiro Tsuchiya) announced today that following the expiration of the sub-license
agreement executed between the Company and Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited
(hereinafter, “Daiichi Sankyo”), which grants Daiichi Sankyo exclusive rights in Japan to
market Kremezin®, a drug for chronic renal failure, the marketing rights shall be
transferred from Daiichi Sankyo to the Company as of April 1, 2011, and Mitsubishi
Tanabe will market Kremezin® Capsules 200 mg and Kremezin® Fine Granules 2 g.

Kremezin® is an oral adsorptive charcoal, discovered by KUREHA CORPORATION,
consisting of porous spherical activated carbon of high purity. It adsorbs uremic toxins
secreted in the gastrointestinal tract or produced in the intestinal tract and excretes the
toxins out of the body with the feces. This function of Kremezin® is effective in
improving symptoms of uremia and delaying the introduction of dialysis treatment.
Kremezin® was introduced to the Japanese market in 1991 as the first pharmaceutical
drug in the world for proactive treatment of chronic renal failure (progressive). To this
day, it has since established a strong position in the field of treatment of chronic kidney

In November 2006, the Company acquired exclusive rights to develop and market
Kremezin® in the U.S. and Europe. Under the development code “MP-146,” the product
is currently in phase 3 clinical studies both in the U.S. and Europe.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma continues to provide information on Kremezin®
appropriately in Japan and strives to ensure high quality and stable supply of
Kremezin® to contribute to patients and medical professionals.

For inquiries, contact
Corporate Communications Department
Tel: +81-6-6205-5211

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