Announcing the first anniversary of the opening of the electromagnetic anechoic chamber building at Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

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Announcing the first anniversary of the opening of the electromagnetic anechoic chamber building at Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

July 11, 2011

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


This July 8 marked the first anniversary of the opening of the electromagnetic anechoic chamber building (Murata EMC Center) at Murata (China) Investment Co. Ltd., which is Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s center for integrating the company's sales activities in the Greater China Region.


Many electronics companies from around the world have advanced into the Greater China Region and turned the region into an active center for the development and design of electronic devices. However, various EMC*1 issues have surfaced accompanying the growth of wireless technologies. To resolve these issues, Murata constructed its first overseas electromagnetic anechoic chamber facility, which is equipped with the latest measurement instruments, in Shanghai in July 2010, and the company recently marked the first anniversary of the establishment of this facility.

The EMC countermeasures developed by Murata are featured in smartphones, tablet PCs, LCD TVs, LED lights and in many other of our customers' latest devices. These customers welcome the fact that, by working on EMC countermeasures from the initial stage of design, they are able to reduce the timeframe required to achieve noise suppression effects and cut costs. Murata intends to make maximum use of its electromagnetic anechoic chamber facility in the months and years ahead to disseminate products incorporating EMI*2 countermeasures and EMC technologies throughout the Greater China Region and continue providing support to resolve the EMC issues encountered by its customers.


*1 EMC: Stands for electromagnetic compatibility. It refers to the capability of electronic devices to be operated without interference from electromagnetic waves.
*2 EMI: Stands for electromagnetic interference.

Examples of measures on offer

tablet PCs:
As the performance of these devices has become increasingly sophisticated, there have been scattered cases of users experiencing the noise generated by the electronic devices themselves having an adverse effect on the reception sensitivity of their own devices. Murata has ways of offering solutions to improve the reception sensitivity by incorporating measures to suppress the noise into such areas as power lines, speaker lines and interfaces.
LCD TVs: Murata is offering noise reduction solutions through interface line and other measures.
LED lights: The need for measures in these devices has begun to be recognized, and Murata has analyzed the circumstances in which noise is generated with the focus on power lines, and we are proposing noise reduction solutions.

Outline of electromagnetic anechoic chamber building

Location: No.181 Yonghe Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai (next to the main building of Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)
Building area: Approx. 399m2
Total floor area: Approx. 1,787m2, 4 floors (with basement)
Facilities: One electromagnetic hemi - anechoic chamber, one electromagnetic anechoic chamber, one shielded room (7.5 x 10.0 x 6.0 m)
Amount of total investment: Approx. 1,020 million yen (structures: 540 million yen + facilities: 480 million yen)

Concerning Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Date established: December 22, 2005
Registered capital: US$120,000,000
Capital contribution: 100% from Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Business lines: Overseeing of the sales bases of the Murata Group, drafting of plans for sales and marketing strategies, support for strengthening cooperative ties between bases, technical support and other sales promotion activities, distribution and information systems, operations related to personnel and public relations in Greater China.
Representative: Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yoshitaka Fujita
Local representative: Director and President, Yoshito Takemura

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