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NTN Exhibits at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 [Event]

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Date: General public, December 3 (Sat) to 11 (Sun), 2011
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
NTN Booth: West Hall1, W1401
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NTN is running a display booth at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011, with the theme “Earth-friendly NTN-pioneering technologies for tomorrow”.
In addition to displays of system products for next-generation EVs, the NTN booth will have a range of products that contribute to weight-savings and greater efficiency. Highlights of the NTN booth include demonstration vehicles equipped with NTN EV systems featuring in live shows, AR (Augmented Reality: special 3D videos) used to introduce new technology, AR radio controlled models set up to experience test drives of electric commuters, and much more in a range of other exhilarating and practical, hands-on booths. We look forward to seeing you there.

Main system products for next-generation EV

In-Wheel Motor System Concept
The “In-Wheel Motor System Concept” for Next Generation EVs, developed by NTN through a combination of the proprietary in-wheel motor system for electric commuters and a steering system, featuring a newly developed compact wheel-turning actuator.
A two-seater, four-wheel concept prototype of the electric commuter model “Q'mo” equipped with the system will highlight its main features and will be available for test drives. It will demonstrate the enjoyment and convenience that the in-wheel motor drive system provides to compact EVs, including “Pivot turn” and “Lateral move”.
“Q'mo” Concept model (demonstration vehicle) for the two-seater, for-wheel electric.

By-Wire System Concept
A wire-frame model of the By-Wire System Concept and associated videos will be on display, bringing together a collection of electrification technologies that NTN has developed for driving, stopping and turning for next-generation EV.
Individual systems being exhibited in detail include the One motor Type Electric Vehicle Drive System, In-Wheel Motor System, Electromechanical Brake System and Steering System for “Steer-by-Wire”.
By-wire system concept (wire-frame model)
One motor Type Electric Vehicle Drive System In-Wheel Motor System Electromechanical Brake System Steering System for “Steer-by-Wire”

Various automobile products, including EV and HEV

Hub bearing for severe environment
Display of the Hub bearing for severe environment through improvements made to muddy water resistance, load resistance and fretting resistance at low temperatures. The bearing has been designed for use on unpaved roads in emerging markets and similar areas.

Light Weight and High Efficiency Drive Shaft for FR Vehicle
A lightweight, compact CV joint designed exclusively for rear wheel drive vehicles. Torque loss has been reduced by decreasing the internal sliding resistance, resulting in high-efficiency transmission of drive power (40% reduction in torque loss compared to conventional NTN products).

Linear Type Electric Actuator
An actuator designed for applications that require direct operated movement, including electric actuators for cars and motors. The unit now incorporates an IC sensor that can directly detect the output axle stroke position. It converts the rotational power of drive motors to high-response, high-thrust linear motion.

High Thrust Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Deep groove ball bearings have been developed to improve thrust load resistance by optimizing the structural design of the bearing itself (thrust load resistance = 3-fold that of NTN's standard deep groove ball bearings). Replacing the tapered ball bearings with these new bearings can result in lower torque, and eliminates the need for pre-compression management that is required for conventional tapered roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings.

Low Torque Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing for EV motor
This bearing delivers a 50% reduction in rotational torque compared to conventional products, and is designed for applications such as EV motors and auxiliary electric drive motors. The use of a low-torque cage serves to reduce grease stirring resistance, allowing the use of low-torque grease with low viscosity and outstanding heat-resistance.

High Grease Fill Ball Bearings
The use of the newly developed cage featuring indentations to the pocket surface diameter allows a 30% increase in ball grease to be injected compared to conventional products, while also preventing grease leakage. The ball bearings can be used with steel plate cages and plastic cages in a range of applications.

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