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Impact of Thai Floods on Toray's Operations (Update 5)

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April 9, 2012

Toray Industries, Inc.

Impact of Thai Floods on Toray’s Operations (Update 5)

Toray Industries, Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President, CEO and COO: Akihiro Nikkaku; hereinafter referred to as “Toray”) today announced the latest situation regarding the impact of the large-scale floods in Thailand on Toray Group’s operations, the details of which are described below.
*Underlined parts are updated information.

1. Damage Status

Ayutthaya Plant of Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (TTS), which halted operations on the evening of October 6 2011 and began its restoration works on November 28, resumed part of the production on March 9, 2012. Subsequently, the plant resumed production of all products on April 2 and is expected to begin full-scale production by the end of May.
With this all the four Toray Group plants that were shut down because of the large-scale flooding in Thailand have resumed their operations.

The plants resumed their operations on the dates shown below:

Company Plant Resume
Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (TTS) Bangkok Plant December 1, 2011
Ayutthaya Plant March 9, 2012
Nakhon Pathom Plant December 4, 2011
Thai Toray Textile Mills (TTTM) Nakhon Pathom Plant November 21, 2011

There was no material or personnel damage due to the floods at Toray group companies or plants other than at Ayutthaya Plant and Nakhon Pathom Plant of TTS.

2. Impact on Fiber Product (Yarns) Supply

In response to the suspended operations of various plants in Thailand, parent Toray and Toray Group companies have been swiftly enhancing production at other plants to ensure stable product supply. Toray will continue with these efforts to maintain stable supply of its products to the customers by further streamlining the Group’s global production structure.

3. Toray Group Companies in Thailand (8 plants at 5 companies)

Toray Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(TTH)

(1)Headquarters  : Bangkok
(2)Representative  : Yasuo Yamashita
(3)Employees  : 6
(4) Business  : Supervision of Toray Group’s business in Thailand

Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd.(TTS)

(1)Headquarters  : Bangkok
(2)Representative  : Kazuhiko Miyaishi
(3)Employees  : About 800
(4)Business  : [Bangkok Plant] Nylon and polyester yarns for apparel and industrial use,
Nylon and PBT resin compounds
[Ayutthaya Plant] Nylon yarns for industrial use, polyester yarn for apparel
[Nakhon Pathom Plant] Evaporated film, non-stretching polypropylene film

Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Co., Ltd.(TTTM)

(1)Headquarters  : Bangkok
(2)Representative  : Yuichi Manabe
(3)Employees  : About 700
(4) Business  : [Nakhon Pathom Plant] Spinning, weaving and dyeing of polyester-rayon blended yarn
and false twisting, round braid, warp knitting, and raising

Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.(LTX)

(1)Headquarters  : Bangkok
(2)Representative  : Warun Laoitthi
(3)Employees  : About 2,400
(4)Business  : *All plants are located in Bangkok
[Plant 1] Spinning and weaving of polyester-cotton blended yarn
[Plant 2] Polyester-cotton blended textile, dyeing of polyester long filament textile
[Plant 3] Denim, base fabric for automobile airbags

Thai Pet Resin Co., Ltd.(TPRC)

(1)Headquarters  : Bangkok
(2)Representative  : Fumio Sonobe
(3)Employees  : About 100
(4)Business  : [Rayong Plant] PET resin for bottles

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