Establishing a Joint Venture Pigment Company in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

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Establishing a Joint Venture Pigment Company in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Announced: Apr. 12, 2012

Published: Apr. 12, 2012

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Katsumi Kitagawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (CEO: Yang Jian, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province) are setting up the joint venture outlined below in Jiangsu Province, China to strengthen sales of pigments in China and overseas. By means of the business alliance between the Toyo Ink Group and Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (the Yabang Group), the partners will supply organic pigment products that are highly competitive in the international market in terms of performance, quality and price, to a broad range of customers on the domestic market in China and overseas.

Aims of the joint venture

Having manufactured and sold organic pigment since the 1920s, the advanced technological skills and quality of the Toyo Ink Group have earned it a reputation as a major brand for high-performance pigment-derived products, and the business has expanded widely around the world. The Yabang Group, which is proud of its top-level market share for organic pigments on the domestic market in China, possesses sales channels covering the whole of China and a highly cost-competitive production infrastructure. The objective of this joint venture is to establish a close-knit partnership in the organic pigment and intermediates business, and to evolve the business by utilizing mutual business resources and strengths.
Continuous growth is expected for the pigment markets in both China and India in the future, and the range of chemicals that make up the raw materials will also be concentrating both on China and India. However, in China, environmental regulations are progressing rapidly to keep pace with environmental regulations in developed countries, and there is a growing range of problems including pressure on businesses due to investment in countermeasures, and instability on the raw materials market. At this time, we intend to shape the production and sales structure for Chinese organic pigment that can be validated globally by joining the international brand strength and technical know-how of safety and security as well as environmentally responsive technologies of the Toyo Ink Group with the production infrastructure, domestic marketing power, capacity for procuring raw materials, and market sales strength in China of the Yabang Group.

Outline of the new company

Business descriptionSales of organic pigment manufactured by the Toyo Ink Group and Yabang Group on the Chinese market, customer service, exports from China to overseas markets
Investment ratioToyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. 50%
Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. 50%
AddressNo. 105, Renmin Road (W), Niutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China
Representatives and officersChairman: Shuji Miyazaki
(Director of Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. and President and Representative Director of Toyocolor Co., Ltd.)
President: Zhang Hua
(Board Member of Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and President of Jiangsu Yabang Pigment Co., Ltd.)
Vice-President: Zhang Tingwei
(President of Zhuhai Toyochem Co., Ltd.)

At first, the focus of the business will be to sell the existing pigment products of the Toyo and Yabang Groups. At the same time, we will strengthen the technical alliance between the two Groups, and by merging the technical strength of the Toyo Ink Group with the production strength of the Yabang Group, we aim for a sales volume of 10,000 tons in 2016 by providing organic pigment products that are highly competitive on the international market.

About the Toyo Ink Group

Founded in 1907, the Toyo Ink Group is a global manufacturer of printing inks and chemical products. In April 2011, the Group brought in a holding company structure focused on Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., which is developing a worldwide business network with more than 7,000 employees in approximately 70 companies in 19 countries.
The Toyo Ink Group’s operations are split into four segments: Printing and Information, Packaging, Polymers and Coatings, and Colorants and Functional Materials with the organic pigment business included in the Colorants and Functional Materials related business segment. Starting with the manufacturing and sales of printing inks, the operating activities at the Toyo Ink Group have expanded to the development and production of organic pigments and resins, which are the raw materials for ink, and are now expanding again from value-added inks for a range of printing applications to functional materials and electronic materials. As of FY2008, the Company has set its sights on the SCC2017 vision of evolving into a globally useful specialty chemical manufacturer and has been carrying out the Group integrated management based on this.
In the field of pigments, the Group owns production facilities in France and China, in addition to the largest pigment manufacturing facility in Japan located in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, with supplies going worldwide. In FY2010, total sales at the Group Company were 245.7 billion yen (approx. 19.7 billion yuan) with an operating income of 19.2 billion yen (approx. 1.54 billion yuan). The Colorants and Functional Materials related business segment accounted for sales of 47.6 billion yen (approx. 3.8 billion yuan) and operating income of 5.2 billion yen (approx. 420 million yuan).
For details about the Toyo Ink Group, please refer to the website (schd.toyoinkgroup.com available in Japanese, English and simplified Chinese).

About the Yabang Group

Established in 1993, the Yabang Group, which spearheads the Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., is one of China’s leading corporate groups handling dyes, coatings, pigments, pharmaceutical products, logistics and real estate. It is one of the “100 enterprises to cultivate” in Jiangsu Province, and the company has also been selected one of the top 50 in China’s petrochemical industry, as well as one of the top 500 in the manufacturing industry.
The Yabang Group has approximately 15,000 Group employees and production facilities in Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Fujian Province and in Tianjin City. In FY2010, sales for the Group as a whole were 20.2 billion yuan (approx. 252.5 billion yen) with the pigment business accounting for 520 million yuan (approx. 6.8 billion yen). In terms of market share in China, the pigment business is ranked No. 2 for phthalocyanine blue and No. 1 for phthalocyanine green. As well as supplying the domestic market in China, the company also supplies chemical products, intermediates and pharmaceutical products to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe and North America, Asia and Australia.
As part of its responsibilities as a rapidly developing corporation, the Yabang Group also makes efforts to contribute to society by reinvesting their profits in regional economic development, social welfare, philanthropic work and education. With a business philosophy that embraces “respect for people, technology first, priority on quality and the importance of confidence,” the strategic goals of the Yabang Group are to become the top manufacturer in China, and to manufacture some of the world’s top class products.
For details about the Yabang Group, please refer to the websites (www.yabang.com available in simplified Chinese and English).

(People’s Republic of China)
Yabang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.
TEL +86-519-88319898

Yoshiro Hayashi or Mayumi Mizutani
Corporate Communications Department
Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
TEL +81-3-3272-5720

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Update: Apr. 12, 2012

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