Aqualog CDOM Fluorometer Wins Award as one of Best New Instruments in 2011

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Aqualog CDOM Fluorometer Wins Award as one of Best New Instruments in 2011

17 April 2012

HORIBA Scientific's Fluorometer is only Fluorescence spectrometer category winner

HORIBA Scientific, an innovator of high performance scientific and analytical equipment, is proud to announce that our Aqualog water analysis fluorometer was given a "One of the Best New Instruments of the year 2011" award during the Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI 2012) in Beijing on March 22nd, 2012.

These annual Best New Scientific Instruments awards are officiated by 60 experts from 3 highly recognized Chinese associations in the field of analytical instrumentation. These include the Association of Chinese Manufacturers, The China Society of Analytical Instruments, and Instrument.com.co, which is exclusively dedicated to analytical instruments in China. These organizations evaluated over 530 instruments from 257 manufacturers.

Aqualog is the only instrument to simultaneously measure both absorbance spectra and fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrices. EEMs are acquired up to 100 times faster than with other instruments. Dedicated software automates traceable Quinine Sulfate Unit calibration and correction of inner-filter effects and Rayleigh and Raman scattering lines. The resulting corrected data are then easily imported into Solo software from Eigenvector and modelled using algorithms such as PARAFAC.

"We are very honored that our Aqualog has been selected as one of the best new scientific instruments in 2011," said Ishai Nir, Director of Fluorescence Division for HORIBA Scientific. "Such recognition is a testament to Aqualog's unique functionality as the only completely NIST traceable fluorescence based CDOM measurement solution."

More information can be found on Aqualog at: www.aqualog.com

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