Nippon Express sets up local subsidiary in Bangladesh -- New company to meet logistics needs in an expanding emerging market --

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Nippon Express sets up local subsidiary in Bangladesh

13 Apr 2012

-- New company to meet logistics needs in an expanding emerging market --

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Kenji Watanabe, President) on April 1 established Nippon Express Bangladesh Ltd. (Issei Shirakawa, President) as a local subsidiary in the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Situated between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is garnering considerable attention as an emerging market into which Japanese companies continue to expand.

In August 2010 Nippon Express opened a Dhaka Representative Office (under Nippon Express' South Asia-Oceania Regional Headquarters) that has utilized agents to provide a variety of logistics services primarily to Japanese companies setting up local operations.

Many apparel-related companies have already moved into Bangladesh and, with companies from the automobile-/motorcycle-, food- and medical-related sectors beginning to expand into the country, further market expansion is anticipated.

The establishment of this local subsidiary is aimed at enhancing the quality and lineup of transport services to/from Bangladesh, and Nippon Express will be further extending its logistics network in the South Asia region, starting with truck transport between Bangladesh and India, in order to meet the diverse and sophisticated logistics demands of the rapidly developing Bangladeshi market.

Bangladesh continues to grow as a production base and a consumer market, and Nippon Express is committed to providing high-quality logistics services there and elsewhere in the South Asia-Oceania region.

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Name: Nippon Express Bangladesh Ltd. Head office: Shanta Western Tower, Level-5 #501 & 502
186, Gulshan - Tejgaon Link Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

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