NYK's IBIS Project Becomes Fully Operational - IBIS Logo Released and Website Portal Opens -

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NYK's IBIS Project Becomes Fully Operational
- IBIS Logo Released and Website Portal Opens -

April 24, 2012

NYK has released its contemporary new logo for its Innovative Bunker and Idle-time Saving (IBIS) project, which the company is implementing on its containerships in fiscal 2012 to achieve optimal economic ship operation.

§ Concept of the IBIS Logo

The new logo features an ibis carefully and protectively holding the earth, symbolizing NYK’s own care for the environment through reductions in fuel oil and CO2 emissions. A surrounding ribbon in the NYK blue and twin red stripes form the symbol for infinity (∞), representing the company’s enduring activities to maintain pristine surroundings for us all.

NYK aims to achieve optimal economic ship operations through this project by sharing information that includes weather and sea forecasts, sea-current data, ship-operation data (e.g., speed, engine performance), voyage plans, etc., between land and ships in real time. Moreover, the infrastructure and workflow has been dramatically improved through the development of a unique website portal, the NYK IBIS Portal. The sharing and updating of information by vessel masters, operators, and ship agencies in real time through the portal will unify data related to ship operation and facilitate quick decision-making. Regular usage of the portal is set to begin on all NYK containerships from May.

To reduce fuel consumption 10 percent by fiscal 2015 over that used in fiscal 2010 — a goal set out in the company’s medium-term management plan, “More Than Shipping 2013” — the NYK Group continues to innovate in its effort to attain optimal ship operations that will subsequently result in vessels that are much more environment-friendly.

The news on this website is as of the date announced and may change without notice.

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