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Komatsu will launch direct marketing and product support of mining equipment in Brazil beginning April 1, 2013.

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Komatsu will launch direct marketing and product support of mining equipment in Brazil beginning April 1, 2013.

Komatsu Brasil International Ltda. (hereinafter "KBI"), a wholly owned subsidiary in Brazil of Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Kunio Noji) (hereinafter "Komatsu"), will begin direct marketing and product support (such as direct parts sales and technical support) of Komatsu mining equipment to its mining equipment customers in Brazil effective April 1, 2013. For this purpose, KBI has been setting up own facilities, parts operation, systems, and hiring and training necessary personnel.

Komatsu will continue to engage in marketing and product support of Komatsu mining equipment through Distribuidora Cummins Minas Ltda. (hereinafter "DCML") until March 31, 2013. KBI has agreed with DCML the direct marketing and product support services by KBI beginning April 1, 2013, and certain resources for the marketing and product support operations will be transferred to KBI under the agreement.

In Brazil, the machine population of Komatsu mining equipment has been growing. In this light, it is becoming ever more important for Komatsu to improve machine utilization rate and thereby help its customers further enhance their mining productivity. The more direct involvement of Komatsu will reinforce its technical support capability and product support services such as timely overhaul and parts supply.

KBI has also agreed with Mason Equipmentos Ltda (hereinafter "Mason Equipmentos"), an affiliate of DCML, that Mason Equipmentos will continue its distributorship of Komatsu construction and utility equipment in the state of Minas Gerais as currently being handled.

[Outline of KBI]

Name: Komatsu Brasil International Ltda.
Established: 12/12/1997
Head office: São Paulo – SP – Brazil
Representative: Seiichiro Minami
Line of business: Sales & Marketing and Product support for construction and mining equipments.
No. of employees: 111

[Outline of DCML]

Name: DCML – Distribuidora Cummins Minas Ltda.
Established: 10/1/1977
Head office: Belo Horizonte – MG - Brazil
Representative: Edward Munson Mason
Line of business: Distribution of product, parts, service and technical assistance of equipment
and engines and components of Komatsu and Cummins
No. of employees: 374


Information in the news releases is current on the date of the announcement and is subject to change without notice.


No. 007(2319)
KOMATSU Corporate Communications
TEL: 03(5561)2616

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