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New Appointment of Directors and Officers

May 7, 2012

Nikon Corporation (KIMURA Makoto, President, Tokyo) announces that the Executive Committee decided today its recommendation for new appointments of Directors and Officers to be proposed to the ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting on the coming June 28, 2012 and the Board of Directors Meeting to follow it.

  1. New Director Nominee
    Proposed title Name Current title
    Director, Member of the Board & Executive Officer OHKI, Hiroshi Executive Officer, Vice President of Core Technology Center & General Manager of Research & Development Headquarters, Core Technology Center
  2. Promoting Officer Nominees
    Proposed title Name Current title
    Executive Officer KANAZAWA, Kenichi Operating Officer,President of Business Administration Center
    Executive Officer UMATATE, Toshikazu Operating Officer, Vice President of Precision Equipment Company & General Manager of Sales Headquarters, Precision Equipment Company
    Executive Officer KOSAKA, Tsuneo Operating Officer, General Manager of Production Headquarters, Imaging Company
  3. New Officer Nominees
    Proposed title Name Current title
    Operating Officer NAKAMURA, Atsumi General Manager of Business Planning Department & Bioscience Marketing Department, Instruments Company
    Operating Officer ODAJIMA, Takumi General Manager of Planning Department, Precision Equipment Company
    Operating Officer NAGATSUKA, Jun General Manager of Production Technology Headquarters, Core Technology Center
  4. Retiring Directors
    Current title Name
    Representative Director, Chairman of the Board KARIYA, Michio
    Director, Member of the Board & Senior Executive Officer SUWA, Kyoichi
    Director, Member of the Board & Executive Officer KUMAZAWA, Masami
    Michio KARIYA will be nominated as Corporate Advisor.
    Kyoichi SUWA will be nominated as Counselor.
    Masami KUMAZAWA will be nominated as Counselor.

  • The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.

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