Delivery of 5 OB Vans to KBS, Korea Broadcasting System

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May 09, 2012

Delivery of 5 OB Vans to KBS, Korea Broadcasting System

Delivery of 5 OB Vans to KBS, Korea Broadcasting System

We, Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. delivered to KBS, Korea Broadcasting System five OB-van systems for their five major TV stations in November through December 2011.

In South Korea, their terrestrial broadcasting system will be switched from analog to digital completely at the end of 2012, and there is a growing investment in next-generation digital broadcasting equipment.

The five OB-van systems were delivered to TV stations located in major cities including Jeju, Chuncheon, Changwon, Jeonju and Cheongju for their HDTV broadcasting.

The five OB van systems are basically in the same design, and the vehicle uses a Hyundai-made truck chassis with the size of 9.55m in overall length and 16.5t in gross weight. Each van has employed an Ikegami HSS-300 multi-format, 2M/E video switcher, 5 HDK-79EXIII HDTV portable camera(6 for Jeju) and 25 multi-format LCD Monitors (29 for Jeju), and the system has been designed to assure high quality digital HDTV broadcasting.

In large-sized live event, several OB-Vans are often assigned from regional branches and the production is performed all together. The same system and configuration in all five OB vans has provided operating staff with flexibility in job assignment and efficiency in operation.

In consideration for manufacturing efficiency and future maintenance on the OB-vans, Ikegami performed system design, supervising for production/inspection and quality assurance, while Korean local associate companies performed vehicle manufacturing, integration of equipment and optimum. This internationally cooperative form has maximized the synergy effect in strength of Ikegami and Korean companies in this OB Van project.

KBS and Ikegami have been in business over 30 years since Ikegami delivered pick-up tube TV Cameras and analog microwave FPU units. We have fulfilled in this OB-van project the manufacturing know-how and technology that Ikegami has built over years and we assure that it provides the customers with full satisfaction.

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