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Development of “Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type CVJ CFJ” [News]

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Development of “Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type CVJ CFJ”

[The world's highest level of transmission efficiency contributing to lower fuel consumption by automobiles]

NTN Corporation (hereafter, NTN) has developed the “Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type CVJ CFJ*1” that delivers the world's highest level of transmission efficiency by reducing torque loss ratio by 50% compared to the existing “E-series: EBJ*2” Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ).

Ensuring better fuel efficiency has become a major topic within the global automotive industry, and technology that improves fuel efficiency have been applied to a wide range of components used throughout automobiles. There have also been calls for a reduction in torque loss amongst CVJs used for drive shafts and propeller shafts. NTN has been manufacturing lightweight, compact and high-performance CVJs to suit a wide range of car types, from mini cars to SUVs*3, and has focused development to address the issue of reducing torque loss to as close to zero as possible as a way of contributing to further reductions in CO2.

The newly developed “Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed Type CVJ CFJ” utilizes a proprietary design to reduce frictional loss, and has achieved a 50% reduction in torque loss ratio with a lower heat-generation compared to the existing “E-series: EBJ.”

CVJs suffer from a greater torque loss ratio as the operating angle increases, however the developed product uses a proprietary spherical cross groove structure to drastically reduce internal frictional forces and decrease the torque loss ratio over a wide range of operating angles. Using the product in cars such as SUVs, which require a particularly large operating angle, helps to greatly improve fuel efficiency. The degree of temperature increases has also been reduced at high rotational speeds, which allows the joints to be used for propeller shafts that operate at extremely high speeds.

NTN will be exhibiting the newly developed product at the “Automotive Engineering Exposition” to be held at Pacifico Yokohama between May 23 and 25, and plans to market the product globally into the future.

*1: Cross groove Fixed Joint
*2: High Efficiency Compact Ball Fixed Joint
*3: Sport Utility Vehicle

[ Features ]

(1)High-efficiency : 50% reduction in torque loss ratio compared to existing products (EBJ) - the world's highest level
(2)Low heat-generation : 50% reduction in the degree of temperature increases compared to existing products (EBJ)
(3)Operating angle : up to 47°

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TEL: +81-538-37-8418

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