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May 11, 2012

Chugai Renews its “Human Body System” Website
-Now easier to understand with abundant illustrations and captions-

May 11, 2012-Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. [Main Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Chairman & CEO: Osamu Nagayama] (hereafter, “Chugai”) announced today that Chugai made significant changes to the contents of the “Human Body System” on its “Disease and Drug” website for patients as well as the public. The new version was released today, on May 11 (the URL below).

(New) “Human Body System” website:http://chugai-pharm.info/hc/ss/medicine/karada/index.html

In the new “Human Body System” website, visitors can “see, read and learn” about how the main parts of the human body work and play their functions through captions, images and videos, and in addition, visitors can also “learn by interacting” with abundant illustrations and captions using their mouse, which is a key feature of this renewed site utilizing the characteristics of the website that enable visitors to easily deepen their understanding. Accordingly, we believe that the contents are more comprehensible for broader age groups from children to adults. The contents were produced under supervision of the Japanese Society of School Health.

Since 2010, Chugai has been publishing the “Disease and Drug” website for patients and the public and providing reports on the civic forum "College of Health: Medicine in Daily Life" and educational information about diseases including "Cancer Information Guide" and “Let’s Learn About Rheumatoid Arthritis,” as well as general information about new medicine such as biopharmaceuticals and antibody-based drugs that Chugai has a great advantage in.

The number of visits to the “Human Body System” website had the tendency to increase during the summer and winter vacations of elementary and junior high schools and thus, we assumed that many children use this site for learning at home and for research project homework. We hope that this renewed site will be used by wider range of people, including not only elementary and junior high school students as convenient materials for their research projects, but also in high school biology classes, medical universities and technical schools as educational materials.

The former version of the “Human Body System” website will be maintained until June 29 but will be closed after that (the URL below).

(Old) “Human Body System” website: http://chugai-pharm.info/hc/ss/bio/karada/index.html

One of the core values of our mission statement is that “the primary focus of all our activities is patients and consumers,” and based on this we are committed to keep on providing various healthcare-related information to the public.

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