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2012.05.14 - Eurus Energy’s First Wind Farm in Australia

Eurus Energy Group today completed the acquisition of Hallett 5 Wind Farm (Hallett 5) from AGL Energy Limited (AGL). Hallett 5 consisting of 25 units of 2.1MW wind turbine generator has been operating since September 2011 and had reached practical completion in March 2012. Subsidiary of AGL will take all electricity and RECs generated by Hallett 5 for 24 years.

The World is emitting greenhouse gas to cause global warming and various other appurtenant problems at the expense of dwindling fossil energy resources.

Amid these circumstances, we at Eurus Energy Group were among the first to recognize the virtues of wind that is an unlimited source of clean, natural energy, and have since been endeavoring to promote wind farm projects all over the world with Japan, United States of America and Europe as our footholds for global marketing.

In the United States, we started a 5MW pilot plant in 1987. Since then, our wind farm projects there have grown up to reach 590MW in total.

On the strength of this track record, we have already expanded our installed capacity of wind farms in four European countries to a total of 820MW and in two Asian countries (South Korea and Japan) to a total of 670MW.

AGL is one of the leading integrated renewable energy companies in Australia. AGL is Australia's largest private owner and operator of renewable energy assets and is looking to further expand this position by exploring a suite of low emission and renewable energy generation development opportunities. Over the past five years, AGL has invested approximately $3bn in renewable energy projects.

Australia is among the countries most favored with excellent wind conditions in the world, and also is endowed with a great expanse of relatively flat terrains. Indeed, it is an ideal location for the development of large-scale wind farms.

In addition, the Government of Australia is fully committed to the introduction of renewable energy systems backed up with a well-developed support plan. For this reason, we have long studied the possibilities of entering into this country.

We think that this is our pioneering project to enter upon the development of Australia with high growth potential, and we will continue to push forward with our wind farm projects in this country.

【Hallett 5 Wind Farm Project Outline】

  • Location : The State of South Australia (about 160km north of city of Adelaide)
  • Capacity : 52.5MW (2.1MW x 25 units manufactured by Suzlon)
  • Start Sale of Electricity : July 1, 2012

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